Wire up homes and offices with POF

As our offices and homes become overrun with networks, the need to simplify is more important than ever before. Imaging replacing all of the separate networks in your home-each of which requires a dedicated phone, TV, or internet wall plate scattered throughout the house-with a single, flexibile network that serves all areas and allows the functionality of a particular space or room to change.

Home networking means the convergence between communication, PC and consumer electronics. Now let us think about what requrements of an inhouse network:
1, Bandwidth throughout 100Mbps up to 10 Gbps
2, Distance>50 meters
4, Robust and cheap network elements
5, Simple and flexible network installation (DIY)
6, Plug & Play solutions
7, Low interference (EMI)
8, Future-proof solution, scalability
9, Long lifetime of installation

When choosing the media for a new premises installation, designers and installers consider such as bandwidth, cost and ease of use. For the backbone, glass fiber or Category 5 copper cable is usually the choice, and for the horizontal portion of the network, unshielded twisted-pair (UTP) cable is typically selected.
As the technology continues to change and evolve, the choices of media for horizontal cabling will not be as easy. For example, manufactures have introduced different types of cabling-extended Category 5 UTP, shielded and screened twisted-pair (the European Category 6) . and fiber-to-the-desk for higher bandwidth applications. Manufacturers have also introduced extended Category 5 copper cable to address the bandwidth issue. In addition, the cost of fiber and optical connectors has decreased, and the newer quick-connect fiber-optic connectors are easy to install.
Now, there seems to be yet another choice on the horizon: plastic optical fiber (cable). In comparison, POF offers lower weight and space. Another reason is the nonexistent susceptibility to any kind of electromagnetic interference.
Wireless communication is afflicted with two main disadvantages. The electromagnetic fields can disturb each other and probably other electronic devices. Additionally, wireless communication technologies provide almost no safeguards against unwarranted eavesdropping bt third parties, which makes these technologies unsuitable for the secure transmission of volatile and sensitive business information.
POF offers affordable, high-end connectivity for office and home networks over short distance. With speeds of 100Mbps optical Ethernet and 250 Mbps optical FireWire (and Gigabit just around the corner), POF is a superior alternative to copper wires (twisted pairs, CATx cable coaxial cable, inhouse power line) used in traditional networks. 

The following are the key features of POF when choosing POF for your home or office  networking. Obviously, some respects are also valid for industrial control and CCTV, video surveillance.
1, Flexible and simple installation. Easy termination and connectorization.
2, High bandwidth capability
3, Single outlet for all media/data, POF with Ethernet or IEEE 1394 simplifies all media and data to a single wall outlet and a single duplex supply cable
4, Simple design, ideal for architects and office/home designers as one cable supplies all media needs. Point-to-Point links currently are 100m for 100Mbps with support for low-cost repeaters that extend links and daisy-chains from room to room
5, Optimal for generic cabling. small and unobtrusive, POF can be easily deployed in new construction or retrofit installations either inside wall cavities or outside the wall-along baseboards, under carpets, or anywhere cable is typically run. With a diameter of 2.2 mm, it fits into the smallest conduits and passageways.
6, Immunity to EMI, EMC and electrical noise,an almost quaranteed quality of service (QoS).
7, Quick troubleshooting with visible light, troubleshooting is quick and easy as POF uses a visible eye-safe red light to transfer data from one device to another. In fact, it’s the only interconnect technology where the signal can be seen at both ends. A quick glance inside the cable will indicate connectivity to the netwotk-a red light seen by the human eyes means the network is connected. It’s that simple.
8, Cost effective, POF, connectors and fiber optic transceivers are low-cost consumer parts
9, In the home with multiple video and audio streaming, broadband sharing and home office applications, POF is an ideal medium to guarantee a stable nd reliable infrastructure.
10,  Widely used, used in over 20 million cars for infotainment networks for more than 20 years, POF is the global standard for high speed in-car networks.
    Overall, as opposed to other media, POF makes for highly flexble, secure and stable solutions for home and office intelligent netwroking.

    Over Ethernet(IEEE802.3) or IEEE1394 (FireWire), POF can bring the following to the home and office networking:
1, Triple play service
2, Multi-Room audio systems
3, Analog audio &video, already used for analog video surveillance systems
4, HDTV/video streaming, perfect medium to stream video or HDTV from a home gateway or central video home server to several rooms. At the gateway box, where content such as voice, video and data arrive to the home, is generally located in a garage or utility area, it is relatively easy to run POF from this unit to a TV room. POF can be used to distribute content in the home from the gateway box, which has ADSL, ADSL2+ and VDSL2 gateways.
5, A tendency and technical feasibility of connecting all home appliances and consumer electronics such as computer, TV, printer, scanner, video cammer HiFi, DVD, refrigerator and washing machine, etc..
If the existing equipment has a standard RJ45 Ethernet plug,a simple media converter is used to convert the data back from the optical signal to the familiar electrical at the back of the end point user equipment. 

Step 3. Insert POF into the OptoLock   Step 4. Press in the OptoLocl to hold POF in place

Figure 2    A plugless POF connector and its simplicity is OptoLock made by Firecomm.Termination of the POF cable is simply achieved by slicing the POF with a knife, separating the two strands and inserting into the housing before locking in place.

For home and office networking, the cost premium of using POF over copper is getting smaller and smaller. Once the cost of the network interface (NICs) is close to par with copper-based NICs, there will be no reason not to use POF for the so-called last mile between the last distribution box of the telecommunication company and the end-consumer. Today, coper cables are the most  significant bottleneck for high-speed internet.
  "Triple Play", the combination of VoIP, IPTV and the classical internet, is introduced in the market forcefully and therefore high-speed data transimission becomes a must. POF can do the job. With POF, high quality IPTV and HDTV services, triple play and an elegant high quality home network can be realized quickly and economically for different scenarios:
1, "A/V Serve Network" (communication between e.g. television, hi-fi receiver and DVD player)
2, "Control Serve Network" (messaging between e.g. refrigerator and stove)
3, "Data Serve Network" (data exchange between e.g. notebook and printer).
In these applications, wireless can be used because the POF signal can be converted to wireless using a simple media converter in any individual room.

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